Sam Akhavan, MD
 Pittsburgh Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Doctor
 Arthroscopy Surgeon for Knee & Shoulder Surgery, Pain and Injuries
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Active Research
1.   Novel Techniques for the diagnosis and managment of concussions in athletes

2.  Jump training techniques to improve athletic performance and its effect on reducing the risk of  ACL ruptures

3.   Description of a novel arthroscopic technique for the management of biceps tendonitis

4.   Evaluation of the failure load of ACL grafts as a function of their size

5.   Evaluation of a patch repair technique for irrepairable rotator cuff tears

6.   The use of platelet-rich-plasma in perioperative shoulder and knee surgery

7.   Graft tunnel orientation in ACL reconstruction

8.   Reconstruction of the medial patellofemoral ligament (MPFL) in patella dislocation
Invited Lectures and Conferences
1. Sports Medicine for the Primary Care Physician, Pittsburgh, PA   Conference Director   
   An annual sports medicine at Allegheny General intended for Primary Care Physicians, Athletic Trainers and therapists.  This 1 to 2 day conference explores the subtleties of  the sports medicine patient and explores the intricacies of the care of the  athlete

a.  "Concussion Diagnosis using a Neurovestibular Reflex Testing"
b. "Physical Examinationof the Knee"
c. "Labral Injuries and Shoudler Dislocation"

2.  Nuts and Bolts Conference, Naples, FL  Sports Medicine Block 
 An annual conference for orthopaedic surgeons discussing the most recent advances in each individual subsepcialty of orthopaedics
a. "Surgical Management of Shoulder Instability"
b. "Management of Cartilage Injuries in the Knee- What's New in 2011"
c. "The Thrower's Shoulder"
d. "The Thrower's Elbow"

3. USA Rugby Medical Conference, Las Vegas,  NV                                                                                                   Lecturer
An annual confence for medical providers for rugby players and professional
a. "Concepts in the Management of Concussions in Rugby Players"
b. "Shoulder injuries in contact athletes

Selected Publications and Presentations
Recent Papers and Book Chapters

1. Complications of Anterior Cruciate Ligament ReconstructionMatava MJ, Muller MS, Clinton CM,Rodeo SA, Akhavan S, Parker RD
Instructional Course Lectures, 58: 355-75, 2009
2. The Labroplasty Procedure for Anterior Shoulder StabilizationVictoroff BN, Akhavan S
Techniques in Shoulder and Elbow Surgery, 7(4):182-185, December 2006
3. Humeral Head Resurfacing: Indications, Technique and Results Akhavan S, Miniaci A. 
In: Dines D, Williams G and Laurencin C (eds) Arthritis and Arthroplasty: The Shoulder. Amsterdam, Netherlands, Elseview, 2009
4. Cartilage Repair and Replacement: From OATS to Allograft. Provencher MT, Dewing CB, Akhavan S, Miniaci A, McNickle AG, Yanke AB, Cole BJ.
 In: Brown T, Cui Q, Mihalko W, Saleh K (eds) Arthritis and Arthroplasty: The Knee. Amsterdam, Netherlands, Elseview, 2009

Recent Presentations

1.Gandara,L, Akhavan, S, Demeo, P Effect of jump Training on Correction of Neuromuscular and Strength Deficits For ACL Injury Prevention? (Poster) ACSM Annual Meeting 2011
2. Morgan Jones, Fenning S, Akhavan S, Miniaci A  Impact Cartilage Injury in a Rabbit Model?   Orthopaedic Research Society 55th Annual Meeting. Las Vegas, NV 2009
3. Akhavan S, Fenning S, Jones M, Miniaci A Development of a Cartilage Impact Model in Rabbits   Cleveland Clinic Foundation Sports Medicine Conference. Cleveland, OH 2009
4. Akhavan S, Goodfellow DB  Avoiding Sensory Nerve Damage During Patellar Tendon Harvest- a Two-Incision Technique.  Arthroscopy Association of North America Annual Meeting. San Francisco, California 2007