Sam Akhavan, MD
 Pittsburgh Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Doctor
 Arthroscopy Surgeon for Knee & Shoulder Surgery, Pain and Injuries
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What is Knee Arthroscopy?
  Knee arthroscopy is a type of knee surgery used to look inside the knee joint through small, minimally invasive incisions.   In order to perform arthroscopy, the knee joint is first filled with fluid.   A tourniquet is typically placed over the leg in order to reduce bleeding and provide a clear view of the knee joint.   

  Knee arthroscopy is typically performed through two small incisions in the front of the knee, each about the width of a fingernail.  Using this technique, Dr. Akhavan is able to visualize all the vital structures within the knee joint and identify and treat many structural problems within the knee joint.

​  In nearly all cases, a knee arthroscopy will be an outpatient surgery, meaning most patients will go home the same day.  Dr. Akhavan performs these surgeries at three hospitals in Pittsburgh- Allegheny General Hospital's Surgery Center on the North Side, Wexford Health and Wellness Pavillion and Sewickley Heritage Valley Hospital  

Click Below to see a video of a knee arthroscopy
knee arthroscopy