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Meniscus Tears
  There are two menisci in every knee, one on the inside (medial meniscus) and one on the outside (lateral meniscus). 

   The main function of the meniscus is to act as a shock absorber within the knee.  
Lateral Meniscus,
Viewed From the top
Medial Meniscus,
Viewed From the top
Treatment of Meniscus Tears

  In most cases, the meniscus tear can be trimmed, leaving as much normal meniscus as possible. 

   In some cases, the meniscus tear can even be repaired by putting stitches in it. 

   For a tear to be repairable, it must have blood supply.  Only the outer third of the meniscus has blood supply.  Whether the tear has blood supply or not is the main determinant of whether a tear will be repairable

  Dr. Akhavan performs surgery for meniscus tears at Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. These procedures are performed as an outpatient with nearly all patients going home the same day.
meniscus tear
A tear of the medial meniscus
An MRI showing a displaced meniscus tear
Diagnosis of Meniscus Tears  

Meniscus tears are among the most common injuries seen in orthopaedics.

  Typically, meniscus tears will present with pain, swelling, clicking, popping and locking within the knee

  A definitive diagnosis of a meniscus tear can be made with an MRI  of the knee


Click Below for a video of a partial meniscectomy
 (trimming of a meniscus tear)
Click Below for a video of a meniscus repair
meniscus tear
A schematic as well as a microscopic picture of the blood supply of the menisicus.  Notice that only the periphery has blood supply