Sam Akhavan, MD
 Pittsburgh Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Doctor
 Arthroscopy Surgeon for Knee & Shoulder Surgery, Pain and Injuries
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What is Shoulder Arthroscopy?
  Shoulder arthroscopy is a surgical method used to look inside the shoulder joint.   In order to perform a shoulder arthroscopy, the shoulder joint is first filled with fluid.   
 Shoulder arthroscopy is typically performed through small incisions about the shoulder, each about the size of a fingernail.  Using this technique, Dr. Akhavan is able to visualize all the vital structures within the shoulder joint and treat many injuries such as rotator cuff tears, labral tears and shoulder dislocations.

​  In nearly all cases, a shoulder arthroscopy will be an outpatient surgery, meaning most patients will go home the same day.  
shoulder arthroscopy

Shoulder Anatomy
Click on the video above for a shoulder arthroscopy performed by Dr. Akhavan