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Shoulder Dislocations and Labrum Tears
  Shoulder dislocations are common among contact athletes such as football players and hockey players.  Appropriate treatment of shoulder dislocations crucial to ensure a full return-to-sports.

  Initially, most shoulder dislocations can be treated with a brief period of immobilization followed by course of physical therapy.  As part of the Allegheny General Hospital Human Motion Training Academy in Pittsburgh, PA, we have developed specific protocols to return athletes to their sports and attempt to avoid surgery following a shoulder dislocation and labrum tears.

  Unfortunately, shoulder dislocations can result in structural damage within the shoulder.  Typically, this will be in the form of a labrum tear.  If a labrum tear does not heal appropriately, it can result in recurrent instability and shoulder dislocations.

  With the use of shoulder arthroscopy, Dr. Akhavan is able to perform labral repairs and treat shoulder dislocations through minimally-invasive methods.

shoulder dislocation
labrum tear
Shoulder Anatomy
Intraoperative Picture of a Labrum Tear
Below is an animation of a labrum repair and a video of a labrum repair performed by Dr. Akhavan
Click on the video above for an animation of a labrum repair
Click on the video above for  a video of a labrum repair
performed by Dr. Akhavan