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 Pittsburgh Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Doctor
 Arthroscopy Surgeon for Knee & Shoulder Surgery, Pain and Injuries
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ACL tear
Meniscus Tear
What is Knee Arthroscopy?
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Knee Arthroscopy
Knee Injuries
  Knee Pain is amongst the most common complaint seen in athletic populations.  An orthopedic doctor specializing in the evaluation and treatment of knee pain , Dr. Akhavan sees patients in several different locations in Pittsburgh, PA.   While most of these injuries can be treated without an operation, some injuries are serious enough to require knee surgery.  
  Dr. Akhavan specializes in the treatment of complex knee injuries and is able to treat nearly all of these injuries listed below through a minimally invasive KNEE SURGERY known as arthroscopy.  
Meniscus Tears
Meniscal Tears are the most common injury of the knee requiring surgery.   Most meniscal tears can be trimmed with a quick return to all activities.  Occasionally, these tears can even be repaired.  Click below for a description of meniscal tears

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tears
ACL tears are common among young athletes, with most requiring surgery.  Following a surgical reconstruction, most patients are able to return to their sport by the following season.  
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Knee Pain and Knee surgery are our specialty
Cartilage Injuries
Cartilage is the smooth lining of the knee joint.  As such, injuries to this vital structure can be devasting to many athletes.  Dr. Akhavan is trained to treat cartilage injuries with the most cutting edge techniques.  
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Cartilage Injury
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Arthritis is a difficult problem to manage in younger patients. One of Dr. Akhavan's specialities is various treatments for knee osteoarthritis that does not involve knee replacement

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Non-Replacement Options for Osteoarthtritis
Patellar Dislocations
Patellar Dislocation can occur commonly.  While first time dislocations may avoid surgery, repeat dislocations typically will require surgical reconstruction to prevent recurrence.

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