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rotator cuff tear
labrum tear
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Shoulder Arthroscopy
Shoulder Injuries
  Shoulder pain can be devasting to all athletes but especially throwing and overhead athletes. As an orthopedic doctor specializing in shoulder pain, Dr. Akhavan sees patients in several locations in Pittsburgh, PA.   While most of these shoulder injuries can be treated without surgery, some of the injuries will require an operation.
  Dr. Akhavan specializes in the complex management of all athletic shoulder injuries.  In most cases, he will treat most shoulder injuries listed below through a minimally invasive technique known as shoulder arthroscopy.  
Shoulder dislocation can occur through either a traumatic injury or as a result of looseness in the shoulder (a common finding among many athletes).  
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Shoulder Dislocation and Labrum Tears
Rotator cuff tears are common among all athletes.  Surgical reattachment of the rotator cuff can result in restoration of motion, strength as well as reduce pain.
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Rotator Cuff Tears
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The Shoulder is vital to any athlete. Proper care of shoulder pain is crucial for restoration of function
What is Shoulder Arthroscopy?
Shoulder Dislocation and Labral (Labrum) Tears
Rotator Cuff Tears
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Biceps Anchor tears are common among throwing athletes as well as injuries when the arm is pulled suddenly and forcibly.
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Biceps Anchor Tears
Biceps Anchor (SLAP) Tears
SLAP tear
Biceps lesions
The biceps is a common cause of shoulder pain.  Click below to see the various causes of shoulder pain 

Biceps Tendon Problems